The role of a good teacher is to assist people in reaching a better position with regards to themselves and their environment, by explaining, adjusting, measuring, moderating, pushing, interacting with and centering people. The aim of the teacher is to design a blueprint giving the student the set of tools and techniques necessary to develop a potent and sustainable practice that transcends yoga trends and brands, and teaches us how to participate in our own well-being. In doing so, both teacher and student become more stable, well adjusted, inspired and insightful.

Ed Kishtur has done many things, but the one thing he has done most consistently has been his Yoga practice. As a matter of fact, his longevity in his first job as a financial trader for various banks, and then hedge fund owner can be credited mostly to his involvement with Yoga. He stayed in the field long enough to appreciate the experience imparted, yet long for things more meaningful.


Edmond graduated in 2001 in Byron Bay from Yogarts, Australia, with a diploma totaling more than 900 hours (accredited by the Yoga Alliance - whatever that means today) of Astanga and Iyengar Yoga complemented by philosophy, anatomy, Sanskrit and several other related classes. 

Over the course of his many years of practice, he has had the privilege to study under the tutelage of inspirational teachers: Patthabi Jois, Louisa Sear, Eileen Hall, Glenn Ceresoli, Lance Schuler, Dena Kingsberg, Richard Freeman, Matthew Sweeney, Clive Sheridan, Rose Baudin, Stewart Gilchrist, Mercedes Ngoh, Alexandre Onfroy to name (and especially thank)  but a few... In addition to the physical practice, Ed has a good understanding of anatomy and physiology, indispensable tools in the path of self discovery. Yoga has been a constant in Ed’s life, and together with his personal explorations, he aims to share with you the fruits of a practice that can profoundly touch one’s life.


Photographer: Sonia Fitoussi