In Life, we carry all sorts of weights: duties, responsibilities, ideas, emotions, memories, and the weight of our bodies… The manner in which we deal with those emotional, psychological and existential anchors determines our postural self. Yoga provides us with a framework within which we can recreate, retune, recalibrate and ultimately transform ourselves in a direction of greater insight and enjoyment.

The yoga practice is a framework which allows one to have complete in-body experiences. It opens the door to a different way of seeing: one in which ordinary experiences radiate with endless details and richness. When riding on the breath, we are reminded that within the body lies a vast world of invisible beauty. Yoga is one of the ways to cultivate energy and to re-consecrate our mundane reality. From a practical point of view, a well-crafted Yoga practice can reshape and adjust damaged or malformed bones, tendons, muscles, ligaments and  tune the nervous system to handle the shocks of living, aim and stretch thoughts to actualize objectives, reorient and adjust posture to develop poise and perspective and release stored emotions and dis-eases in the organs. 

In Yoga, we learn to dance with polar opposites: we cultivate the ability to use logic and intuition simultaneously, to find compassion in moments of anger, to be at ease with who we are and what we have, and yet still progress towards the best versions of ourselves. In so doing, we never lose our ability to see ourselves in others, and empathize with their path. Yoga invites us to appreciate our inability to figure everything out and the concomitant passion to try anyway.

When we practice, we start to understand what it means to be fully human, how to take residence within our own body completely. As the nervous system learns about itself, the body becomes like a sophisticated vehicle operated with an increasing sense of skill and playfulness.

Yoga is the technology of Freedom, the strength to look within for fullness: ‘the difference between contentment and suffering is whether there exists within a person he who watches he that suffers’. Cultivating awareness allows us to take distance from the ever changing thoughts, emotions and sensations and identify with the entity within that is watching it all unfold with a sense of humor, an open heart and the grace to float downstream.

Yoga is also the ability to give yourself fully to whatever you are doing: it opens the door to the big picture where one’s problems can be eclipsed by the infinite gifts which rest always right beneath the eyes.

Life is an Artistic Adventure which can be consecrated within the microcosm of the Body: the human vessel is a map of the infinite. With a heightened awareness of this extraordinary map, the territory appears with purpose and ease. Then the Inner and Outer worlds coincide...


Photographer: Sonia Fitoussi