tractatus simulacro-magickus

  • 1. The avatar is a special player cursed/blessed with a perceived rule set (PeRuSe) in the neighborhood of the virtually aggregated total individual PeRuSe = Totality Of Reality Rule Set (TOR RuS) at a given time. She oscillates between her moments of side-lining and her participating in the TOR, including clarifying the TOR RuS for other players through her former games. In the TOR, having a PeRuSe in the neighborhood of the TOR RuS hurts.
  • 2. When the avatar mingles with her sisters (plays the TOR), she feels their struggle to play the game according to their own PeRuSe, and instructs each of them to play the TOR according to her PeRuSe as the writer is doing here.
  • 3. This could be performed since the TOR RuS is only an idea. The TOR simply could not be played if every player , including the avatar, did not have a positive probability of believing that they can realise the TOR RuS individually. Sometimes, the avatar must remind herself of that, since in the end, all each player can do is play their own PeRuSe.
  • 4. As time goes on, the TOR is more populated and the avatars reduce or inflame its volatility by clarifying the TOR RuS to willing listening players, according to their own PeRuSe.
  • 5. Some players go along with the avatar PeRuSe and play the TOR accordingly, some remain as average or bad at playing the TOR as they were, not making any difference: they can be counted as non players as far as their influence on TOR is concerned.
  • 6. It could well be systemic to the TOR that one avatar would succeed at contaminating a great many players with their PeRuSe.
  • 7. One way this avatar could do this is that through her better grasp of the TOR RuS she could influence the TOR with more success than other players by actualizing some previously unknown or misunderstood rule.
  • 8. Still, however useful or powerful, a PeRuSe is just a PeRuSe, and certainly not the TOR RuS. It will benefit some, and it will fail others. The TOR will look a little different through players/avatars interactions, yet similar in essence. Avatars will still be avatars, players will still be players.
  • 9. It wouldn't be unlikely that some players, in their quest to get closer to the TOR RuS, could not only damage themselves, intentionally or unintentionally, and also catch an avatar in their fury. Remember, there are only players, yet each player individually believes that she is an avatar.
  • 10. Whatever happens to her, an avatar sees herself as a very special player, which she is since she is unique like every other player.
  • 11. And in any case, chances are, every player, as their own avatar, will have a special story to tell, as to why they are so special and so much better than all the other players, and this story will be true. To them.
  • 12. And so the avatar's game in TOR is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
  • 13. Except now, every player as their own avatar can enjoy themselves a little more in the TOR, with the added benefit of having a PeRuSe a little closer to the TOR RuS. In other words, they can play the game a little better.
  • 14. The avatar is a special player cursed/blessed with a perceived rule set (PeRuSe) in the neighborhood...