To lighten-up your reading experience, why don't you put your headset on and listen to your favorite yoga teacher Tarik groove the indian tablas on a track by Zen Baboon mestre, Henrique Palhavã.

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ψlourish, ϑransform and ρeconnect εnergetically.
Praia de Malhau, Por Do Sol, October 2018

Praia de Malhau, Por Do Sol, October 2018

The idea is to make a great house available for the yoga students, in a 'house sharing' context for grown-ups.

Three bedrooms with their own private bathroom in a 130 square meters house, with a spacious living room equipped with a cozy woodstove. For whoever knows the region, those things are hard to come by....

Also, +++: 5 mn walk to the ocean (check pic Malhau), 10 mn walk to the historic center of the village, 20 mn bike ride to the yoga studio, easy parking for cars, and probably the best location in Vila Nova.


Your private space is the bedroom you are renting and its bathroom. The common areas are the kitchen, the living room and the garden. In the common area, the only requirement is to be polite, discrete and mindful of your other housemates. The best way to organize the fridge is one compartment per person, and on a case by case basis agree on the common expenses that can be shared and stored in an extra compartment for all (olive oil, salt, pepper etc...).

Three bedrooms available: yellow, red and green 🇵🇹.





Soon to be on display, the room frees up in December 2018. This room, comes with the main bathroom of the house to the sole disposal of its user.

The rock depicted is a 10 mn walk from the house, great little place to reflect, ponder and enjoy the ocean.

And a little movie to sum it up...

~ . Conditions ~ .

Two weeks => 480 euros.

One month => 920 euros.

One night => 45 euros.

One week => 275 euros.

We feel it is important to stress one point: this is not a hotel, it is only made available to the students of Lea and Tarik. The general spirit is of spending time together (if so inclined), moving together, eating well together, and hopefully exchanging the various talents and skills of the participants.


For all enquiries, watsapp Ed Kishtur on + 33 6 3267 2603, or email him at