man-ifesto: an incantation, an invocation, a prayer...

Help me…

      Develop the sensitivity to heal myself, and help others heal themselves as well

      Understand that the greatest ambition of all is simple felicity in Nature’s respect

      Look with temperance for inner peace

      Keep a rebellious streak against the system, because it is not and never will be healthy

      Fall and stay in love with poetry, magic, literature, music, the Arts and teaching

      Dance, sing, and celebrate Life always

Help me...

      Understand the tormented and hurt inner child inside, listen to him and hug him

      Not being a slave to my wound, and in spite of the constant pain, clean it and wait patiently for it to heal, with love and courage

      Use intuition like a compass

Help me…

      Be a free man, who only has his freedom to share because he does not know any other way to live

      Understand that the only thing to do with feminine energy is accompany it wherever it wants to go, and choose accordingly the feminine energy I want to be around

      Be and stay a free man who understands he does not need anything more than his heart, mind and body

Help me…

      Keep Fire in my spirit

      Travel the Earth like Water

      Caress like a soft wind

      Open to Love with no haste

Help me…

      See a part of me in every pair of Eyes I meet

      And from there Love and respect any being on Earth

      Cultivate a healthy balance of giving and receiving, listening and talking, living and letting live

      Live sexuality like an exchange leading to the highest form of alchemy

Help me…

      Develop clear feelings

      And from there be accessible to myself and others

      Walk bare foot with minimum baggage: I will leave with nothing anyways

      Be as tender as I can be wild, and never be domesticated

      Be a magician, casting a spell of beauty and fun everywhere I go